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SoShenell and RAPUNZEL

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SoShenell and RAPUNZEL Wear Hair Not FurSo today’s post is all about body positive, love, passion, power of expression and just been nicer to people. 

All about SoShenell and RAPUNZEL story. 

All started several months back , when I got a email from this beautiful lady’s husband, asking me to make this custom jacket for his beautiful wife.

First of all I was touched by the words of this man and the love he showed for his wife. In the email he clearly stated how beautiful and amazing she is, I hope all men can do that more often.

But that wasn’t all so...

Second comes to be my surprise and admiration of how Shenell have carefully selected and putted colours together.

At first I got afraid of how I’m going to manage so many bright colours...

Thoughts in my head where going like “ this woman must be very brave because of the bright colours and artistic because of the way she had carefully selected colours to go with one another..

Third but not last was my overall experience of the hole process.

Working with Shenell was great! 

SoShenell RAPUNZEL Krasimira Stoyneva WearHairNotFur

We chatted several times in order to select finishing touches for the jacket.

I Came to a point that I really wanted to read more of SoShenell’s blog, to see her style and to get to know her a bit more , because she seem amazing through our conversation.

And, and I was loving it!!

To me she had a very interesting way of putting words together, her own style to share a story, a journey of a plus size body positive woman in all her beaut.

So Shenell RAPUNZEL and Krasimira Stoyneva WearHairNotFur fur free

Been body positive applies to all, I had and I still have moments in my life that I hate some parts of my body, but loving it is like loving myself completely, and when I do I feel like I can face any challenges that life gives me !!! We are all different and that what makes us beautiful and unique...

So if you haven’t managed to read her blog about RAPUNZEL ( her new hair friend #WearHairNotFur ) follow the link and you won’t be disappointed.


I would love to work with more ladies that carry positive messages through they’re life ... so hit me with like and DM if you want to collaborate with me, I’m always open for new things and challenges xxx. 

AND if you feel you want to purchase one of a kind Hairy Friend for life, then all you need is to email me on 

Adios Amigos I’m currently in sunny Spain xxx


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