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Why wearing hair is a better alternative than fur?

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With the recent news that Gucci has banned fur from their collections, just as Armani introduced their ‘fur-free’ policy last year, it is important to consider how these changes are actually going to affect the fashion industry.

Fur has been used as a symbol of status for centuries, and the pop culture has had a massive impact on how animal skin is directly related to wealth and power. However, we believe that not wearing real fur is simply not enough, and that’s why we have created a brand which uses synthetic hair as the ultimate luxury alternative to fur.

Krasimira Stoyneva has been one of the pioneers at innovating the way that a fashion consumer can wear a similar alternative to fur, without supporting any animal suffering. The hashtag #WEARHAIRNOTFUR is the thesis of her creations, and her main goal is to see hair becoming the ultimate luxury alternative to fur.



The availability of good quality, realistic faux fur, has made the real thing more acceptable and much less recognisable. She believes that by wearing, producing or advertising any type of fur, whether real or faux, is somehow supporting the unnecessary suffering that over a hundred million animals go through every year. Her vision was enthusiastically received by the organizers of the Oxford Centre of Animal Ethics in their last conference, which took place this July.

Apart from her ethical and animal-friendly vision, she has been prized for her design creativity by winning many competitions such as Fashion Scout’s ‘Ones to Watch’ and Vogue’s Muuse Awards. Since her graduation collection, Krasimira’s garments have been worn by a variety of celebrities, influencers, as well as they have been promoted by many fashion, art and lifestyle platforms.

The current movement against fur is the perfect opportunity to introduce our brand to the public, as we are not only supporting the ban of fur as a material, but we also promote a style alternative to achieve the same status and power, without the sad, hidden message that fur promotes.

To find more information about our movement, read our previous blog posts about #WEARHAIRNOTFUR.

Text by Lucas Miracca.



Credits: the images used on this posts are from Factice Magazine Fall 2017.

Title: Loca
Photography by Andrew Soule
Photography by Zuzia Zawada
Stylist: Heather Green
Makeup: Mario Brooksbank using Nars and Mac at Carol Hayes Management
Hair: Luca Jones using Joico and Cloudnine
Nails: Julia Babbage using Roxanne Campbell
Model: Georgie Sladen at Nevs
Retouch: Marcin Mikus
Photography Assistant: Bryan Tang
Styling Assistant: Vijay Singh


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