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What should you know about synthetic hair?

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Since 2014, I have been receiving many questions about usability and practical aspects of wearing hair jackets and skirts and why I prefer synthetic hair to faux fur. I decided to give answers for the most common questions: 

 1. What is the quality of the hair you use?  

High quality. I spent a lot of time looking for a high quality hair. By high quality I mean three things: soft touch, colour and appearance, long lastingThe hair I use meet all these requirements. I personally made many experiments with my coats. The Future Queen coats made in 2014 are still alive and wearable. Of course it also depends how you take care of them, the more you love them, the longer they last. 

  2. Do your coats really keep warm as fur? 

 Synthetic hair  has a number of sustainable properties, which makes it a viable alternative to animal furs. They keep warm. However, it can’t entirely substitute fur. I am currently looking for new ways to keep it warmer such as insulations.   

  3. Should I send it to the dry cleaning?

You can either send it to dry cleaning or wash it with a shampoo at home. To maintain the hair soft and tidy sometimes you can brush them gently, just like yours. Our more recent hairs are completely tangle-free and they are easier to maintain. If you hand wash your coat at home in cold water REMEMBER to dry it on hanger trying to flatten it with brush. In a wardrobe keep in in a plastic bag or a clothing case. It would protect hair from a dust and damage.
  4. What if it’s raining?
 If it rains don’t worry, hair would be the same as yours. They would need to dry (you can use a hair dryer or simply leave therefor a while) and be brushed to regain their perfect shape. Make sure the hair are straight while drying.


5. What should I do if I damaged my hair coat? 

Usually this material is long lasting, however in case of emergency it can be easily cut or restyled. I am also working on creating a long lasting sustainable garment so each unit can be transformed into something new and different season after seasonWe believe in a circular fashion system that limits the waste in our industry. 

 6. Is it a flammable material? 

In my recent research, I have come across a type of synthetic hair, which is revolutionising the hair industry. It is bromine-free, i.e. less damaging to the environment, more long lasting, tangle-free and flame redundant.  For more information click here.

So #WearHairNotFur!


I would be happy to answer any questions you are interested in! Just write me an email and I will post it here.

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