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My fashionable pregnancy. Behind the scenes.

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It was something to do with my feelings and emotions. I didn't know should I share them or not. But now I know I need. I want people not afraid pursuing their dreams even it can be hard. I want to share this because 

2017. I am a successful designer. I am a mother of two kids. My brand won many awards. What could be better? So many perspectives, so many things to do to grow my business and so little time … It seemed nothing could stop me. And that’s when my third pregnancy came.

 I panicked, I didn’t know what to do. I’m not a fan of abortions and I always wanted a big family. I knew that one day I would expand my family…. But I just felt like “Why now?! I`m not ready… This is a trap…”.

Few days before I found out I was pregnant, I was telling people that I work 24h – 7days a week and I wish I could have a day extra to be able to finish all my tasks and even then that maybe still not enough.

 I had two long weeks for visualise myself running a business and having a new-born baby, my older son and daughter… I was in a terrible panic because I had to make a hard decision between my dream and family.

Through all that stress and tears I decided to go on and accept that challenge.

As days and weeks went by, I was prioritising, organising and implementing my tasks. “Hey wait, Krasimira” I told to myself “Look at you – is it you being on 7th month of your pregnancy, a top 10 designer according to ASOS, so organised and so happy??”. I changed completely. I have become more organised, more confident, more productive and I for sure became stronger. I am happy with my new boy - he is simply adorable! Someday may be he also can help me with designing my hair coats.

There are three “prouds” that came from my hard challenge:

  1. I`m proud I didn’t give up neither on my pregnancy nor business.
  2. I`m proud I grow my understanding toward new aspects of the business even more.
  3. I managed to slow myself down a bit and make the right decisions, focus on the most important things.

 People across the whole world – NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS! Even when things look impossible at the beginning, remember – it is just a beginning. Just go on.


Comfort is Poison and Genius is Born of Limitations



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