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The Street Style Shoot

Hannah Drury and Kalenga Kitenge


 Krasimira Stoyneva A/W 2017 Collection


Kalenga Kitenge

Hidden within the quaint houses of the affluent Notting Hill district, nothing appeared more aesthetically pleasing than the addition of Krasimira Stoyneva’s yellow haired jacket, in the frame. So our day commenced by shooting in the heart of West London’s prime and charm, with model Kalenga K, wearing the new Autumn/Winter 2017 collection: All about the Stars.
The vibrancy of the yellow, contrasting with the purest white finishes of the homes behind, complimented one another perfectly. The set depicted high fashion/beauty/confidence to a T, and therefore, attracted the interest of many neighbourhood passer-by’s. When asking Kalenga, 22, how he felt wearing the garment pictured above, his response was compelling. He replied:

“Liberating and Freeing. Plus, I’m a vegetarian and so the fact it’s hair and not fur is amazing!”.

The Notting Hill coffee drinkers, dog walkers, mums and daughters, were not hesitate to picture the coat. It was quite literally, the star of the street.




Meanwhile, in London’s high flying West End-Bond Street, the khaki and pink hair garment took centre stage.




Pictured above are a few of the girls who loved the garments. The garments were described as stylish, unique, and innovative.

Nadine mentioned: “ Its very funky. Out there and very our generation. I love it!”.

Krasimira Stoyneva’s collection promotes versatility as well as being uniquely stylish. We applaud the ability that the jackets look great on both men and women. One model also expressed:

“I love it. It feels like an extension of my hair or something. Its so swishy and fun”.





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