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Krasimira Stoyneva, like any other designer, started from the bottom and as her creative reputation spread, she has been working her way up in the industry. Where and how did this amazing journey in fashion design all begin? To answer some of these questions Krasimira has taken time out from preparing her collection in the busy build-up to London Fashion Week, to share her memories with us for today’s blog. As she has previously revealed, her family roots were in tailoring and she grew up with expert craftsmen and women, learning how to sew when she was young. And the point at which she feels her fashion career really began was during her second year while studying at the University of East London, at one of the many fashion shows there. She recalls that after the show a lecturer approached her and was extremely impressed by her creation and the idea behind it of using synthetic hair. She reveals that receiving this praise really boosted her confidence and has helped her through the years that have passed since then, to stay positive about her collections no matter what the circumstances. Below is a photograph from this UEL fashion show, where there is no mistaking the high level of skill and creativeness of Krasimira Stoyneva’s work: qualities that she continues to demonstrate today as she prepares the collection for her forthcoming show. 



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