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Called “Shogito”, our SS18 collection was inspired by the swift movement and energy of the skater girls.  Without a doubt, the world of skateboarding feels like it’s an only boys club but it’s becoming abundantly clear that the new generation of feminists are placing their mark in sectors that have a fair share of testosterone.
Ladies are attracting plenty of attention with their craftiness moves on the skateboard and incomparable sense of style. Feeling the flow and overcoming the danger is what propels them to keep going, and though boys usually underestimate them, but they are all looking for the same thing: adrenaline.
The colourful prints are predominant with a young and fresh approach. These garments are a way to transcend sex, independence and self-discovery, surpassing any stereotypes or normal conventions - to the unique, freeing and bold.
The mixture of colours was taken to the next level by the addition of hair into the collection. Regardless of this being a summer collection, the hair adds movement to and personality to the garments, and are the perfect connection between luxury fashion and the urban sport.

Our customer does not want to be told how to feel or how to dress. She rides along the streets as if she owns them. This is mainly a powerful street style collection inspired by the routine of a busy girl who is passionate and determined to reach her ambitions and goals.
Pink-Heaven-Faux-Fur-Coat White-Swan-Faux-Fur-CoatWhite-Game-Faux-Fur-Free-Skirt


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