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Krasimira Stoyneva and the X Factor Dream

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When I received the email from Karl Willet, Style Director of the X Factor Uk, 2017…Omg, I couldn’t believe it! I was so surprised and euphoric!

I was in Rome at that time for the Margutta Creative District Project, I was parking my car and checking my inbox… and I just stopped, staring at my phone screen …I read that email and straight away called my stylist and personal assistant Dana Verri, she was with me I said "Just look!"…I made her read the email…

I remember this phrase in the email, I know it by heart now: “We are aiming to bring a strong sense of fashion into the show this year”. And they wanted me! My style, my brand! Amazing!

And the email was going on saying how “Karl Willet had been brought onboard by Mr Cowell in person to add a high fashion creative edge to the overall styling.”

I was even more astonished and without words.

I’ve always been an X Factor fan myself, I like the magic of the program about succeeding in your dreams. I always thought Grace Davies was really good, I was nervous for her solo cover performance “Anne-Marie’s Ciao Aidos” yesterday…but she was wonderful.


And…I can’t describe the feeling of been sitted on my sofa in my living room, with my family, my husband and my two kids, on a sunday evening, watching X Factor all together as always but recognise one of my piece on the screen this time.

“Mum’s jacket!” my doughter yelled pointing at Grace singing…my husband looked me in the eyes with a light smile lighting his face…and embrace his harm closer on my shoulder…

That jacket means a lot to me, it’s the strongest piece in my autumn / winter 2017 Collection and it has so much personality. Even if in all my pieces you can see my art and my vision it is, above all, really powerful. So many bold and bright colours all together.

So much warmth and support around me.

Many friends and family members called or messaged me to say they also seen it and made them so happy and proud.

I’m so thankful.

I’m so happy that Krasimira Stoyneva brand has been recognised by experienced international fashion professionals as The Square Division team, the creative directors of X Factor this year. They have worked with biggest names such as Kylie Minogue, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande and Britney Spears! I feel really honoured to have been their choice.

I always say to my collaborators “I feel it happening” and maybe it is really happening now.


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