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How to wear Shogito?

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You can now find out the Shogito collection on the website!
Are you wondering the best way to style the pieces ?
This is our advice to style this new SS collection...

Look 1 (bralette, skirt) - Look 2  (trousers, bodysuit, jacket)

We would style the green eye printed pieces with the white clear pvc jacket with the whool eye prints for a perfect summer chilling day style, or with the white or grey hair jacket for a summer night style.


Look 3 (bralette, trousers, jacket)

Get Krasimira Stoyneva's urban luxury style wearing the white short jacket and trousers with the red printed bralette! We would add to this style light colour fishnet tights that you can find at Topshop and bright grey sneackers!


Look 4 (dress, jacket)

The second urban luxury style mix the pink printed mini dress with the white jacket with green trim details. We would add to this style bold colour fishnet tights that you can find at Topshop and white sneackers or heels for a powerful and bold street style.


Look 5 (trousers, jacket) - Look 6 (dress, skirt, jacket)
For a bold girly colourful style, the pink hair jacket and skirt are the piece to wear in summer days and nights! Our favorite style to wear the pink skirt is over the pink dress with a grey pvc jacket, also we would add the printed pink bodysuit under the dress...
Our favorite style combination for the hair pink jacket is the pink eye printed bodysuit and short trousers and white heels or trainers.


Look 7 (dress)  -  Look 8 (skirt)

We would styled the bold blue skirt and dress with the pink printed bodysuit with light coloured fishnet tights and white heels. The dress' cut reveals the boduisuit's prints and colour and make the street style eye catching and bold


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