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Blog Post Four - Future Queens

‘Future Queens’ is the name given by Krasimira Stoyneva to her debut collection for A/W 2015, following the amazing MUUSE x VOGUE Talents – Young Vision Award in 2014. The inspirations for the patterns and vibrant colours of this collection are truly global. Their source? Krasimira Stoyneva found many on her doorstep in London- a melting pot of cultures. The result is there for all to see in the wonderfully vibrant, striking prints of the Future Queens’ collection. It will come as little surprise that the concept of #wearhairnotfur is also very well defined within the garments. After all, this marks the beginning of the Krasimira Stoyneva brand, so it contains a lot of information about what are now the designer’s trademark features. The synthetic hair detail features in every garment, marking the beginning of a bold and new idea that Krasimira Stoyneva has since made her own. The kaleidoscope of colours suggests frenzied tribal celebrations and dancing- maybe a party celebrating a successful hunt. The photographs of the collection demonstrate how extraordinarily well the synthetic hair flows in response to movement in the models. And the ‘Future Queens’ name? These are fun-loving, empowered women celebrating life and eager to dress in this bold and confident collection from Krasimira Stoyneva.








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