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Each collection of Krasimira Stoyneva is inspired by a different idea; however, the flow of the garments is a theme that is recycled throughout each. And what better way to reveal the striking ways in which our garments interact with the moving body, than to observe the dynamic patterns created by dancers wearing them. As we prepare for London Fashion Week, and to demonstrate the extraordinary vitality and versatility of our garments, we decided to collaborate in a creative partnership with dancers from The University of East London. With all our collections using synthetic hair, the way this unique material moves and flows is highly distinctive, and during dance, the eye is drawn to the wave like movements of our garments. We used an Open Studio to record our dancers using freestyle and their own choreography, and we are currently in the process of editing the video to create what we think will be a very distinctive piece of artwork. While nothing like this has been done before at Krasimira Stoyneva, we hope that it will be a great success and that we will be able to continue to reveal more about the ideas behind our brand through the medium of Expressive Dance.


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