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For what reason do consumers pick your brand's items or services over the opposition? Odds are it's your branding—your story, identity, reputation and what you stand for—that separates you. We desire to know in detail all our consumers’ impressions and judgements.


Understanding your consumer is essential and as a marketing guru, you’re constantly getting new and different ways to measure what is happening in your business everyday. You probably know a lot about your customer already, from social analytics to total sales numbers, but that’s just data you are collecting. Implicit data that has no ‘why’ behind the numbers or an attentive of what consumers actually feel. How do you know whether they like wearing the product, what they think about the colours, or if they are personally against animals used for clothing?


Clever businesses use online surveys to comprehend their brand value but we realised that it can be difficult or harder to get detail and explanation. We love exploring the symbolic and emotional nature between our products and our consumers therefore we love to approach with traditional in- depth interviews.


Bellow are some of the personalities we interviewed and loved. They gave us useful and engaging answers. How great do our jackets look on them? Styled with the cigarette trousers, a beret hat, clear sunglasses and boots or jeans, a baseball hat and a simple white t-shirt for a more casual day look.

Krasimira Stoyneva’s products make you feel powerful. While wearing the jackets you know all eyes are on you, you have to love being the centre of attention. It’s for the bold and for someone with a strong personality. “I automatically feel energetic as soon as I put the jacket on, as if I can rule the world, they are very warm but at the same time it feels light and dreamy” said Lulu.

Colour, imagination and positivity! Those are the things that attracted us to enter the beautiful Eden Fine Art Gallery, located in New Bond Street. The gallery had a great deal of art work with bold and vibrant colours similar to our brand. Likewise had artists who use different materials- feathers- in their pieces. 

Krasimira Stoyneva's world xx

By Lana Alkury 


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