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In July 2017, Foulmouth Zine posted an editorial featuring custom made Krasimira Stoyneva clothing. Hitting the streets of Camden, model and creative chick, Bluebell Wooi, posed effortlessly in Krasimira’s garments. With Bluebell’s outrageously beautiful, punk inspired appearance and taste, Krasimira Stoyneva did not shy away from using the most outlandish, brightly coloured materials and patterns to dress this scene. The photography featured was a complete mastermind construction, that embodied the epitome of high fashion, individuality and statement.

                       (Outfit 1)

The editorial took place in ‘The Hawley Arms’ pub in north west London, where the late Amy Winehouse used to go to socialise and also perform. With this in mind, the stylistic curation, involving our own Dana Verri, was centred around transcending the singers iconic style and appearance into a 2017 rendition- even down to the Winehouse Beehive. Naturally, Bluebell Wooi fitted this editorial picture perfectly. As a unique, soulful London born and raised eclectic individual, she too- is the rebel, daring and fun natured girl, that Amy was also known for.

Bluebells outgoing and adventurous nature, paired with the stylist inspiration of Amy Winehouse, meant for Krasimira she had a lot of freedom to work with. There were no constraints or confinements with the garments used. Fish net tights paired with a mixed layered, light toned hair dress, is the first outfit photographed in the feature. Like the carefree nature of the Bluebell and Winehouse, the editorial has no necessary structure. Other than the constant colour of red that run through each phrase of the shoot, the garments were all very different. For example, in Outfit three, the colour and pattern clashing of Krasimira Stoyneva’s star printed bodice and Juan Palomino’s red latex trousers were visionary. 


  (Outfit 3)


This manufactured a momentum of excitement, as each picture and style was unique and new. In the last outfit of the shoot, Bluebell wears Krasimira’s silk organza Jacket, Embellished tulle skirt and red choker. Here is where the inner rock chick, punk girl vibe, is fully depicted. The shoot was a true whirlwind of colour, imagination, surprise and style. Bluebell Wooi, wore Krasimira Stoyneva’s collection with confidence and conviction.



Photographer: Ruby Tindall
Stylists: Alice Martinelli & Dana Verri
Stylists' Assistant: Eleonora De Luca
Model: Bluebell Wooi
Hair: Kristine Cimbule
Make up: Cara Bray Parry
Location: The Hawley Arms

 By Hannah Drury





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