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Between FUR and FEATHERS

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HUF magazine published an editorial featuring Krasimira Stoyneva’s clothing called “Between Fur and Feathers”. HUF magazine is a creative visual fashion magazine; it serves as a gateway to the minds of creative individuals. HUF always features talented and skilful visionaries that believe that the world of imagination is boundless. The readers are the next generation of leaders in the creative industry: they are trendsetters, fashionistas, creators, and dreamers always looking to be mentally stimulated.

The location of the editorial was between Soho and Chinatown in central London. The city has always been international, home to a mix of immigrants that have made it one of the most cosmopolitan places in the world. You can find and experience East-Asian authentic culture right in the heart of London. The oriental ambiance of the area was the perfect background for this shoot. The Chinese typography added to the photographing, perfecting the classic portrait against a wall. We love that the background adds culture to the images. We also love the reflections in the windows and mirrors and the transparency backdrop that it gives. Below is the behind-the-scenes photography.

The stylist Dana Verri transformed the model into the character of a modern edgy princess, who is elegant and versatile. She is a daring trendsetter and loves to be caught taking pictures in the middle of the day. The stylist created accessories like the gold leather belt, which added edge to the elegant dress.

The stylist also mixed other accessories such as the Balinese necklace. This editorial contributes a mixture of both cultures and trends.


Credit For Editorial

Photographer: Vipan Grewal

Photographer’s assistant: Taran Grewal

Stylist: Dana Verri

Stylist’s assistant: Giulia Libardi

Makeup: Takenaka Kazuhiro

Hair: Tetsuya Kaneko

Model: Niki @ Wilhelmina


Krasimira's Team xx
By Lana Alkury 


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